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Agility Fun Match Information


Fun matches will be approximately once to twice a year.

This will give the student the opportunity to experience what a real trial might be like.

Next Fun Match on  -

 Sunday 9/13/15
The Waiver must be filled out in order to participate in a fun match. (if you are a current student, I already have yours on file) Link to Waiver
The fun match cost is $5.00 for the day, everyone is expected to help as a volunteer. Volunteer jobs - jump height changes, chute straightener, Gate Steward, Leash walker, help with course changes (course builder helper)  
Time and Weather permitting the goal is to have at least 2 different courses - JWW (Jumpers with Weaves), STD (Standard).

All courses will be a mixture of Open to Excellent Level skill

All teams can either do the full course as laid out by number, or do their own thing.

Treats and Toys allowed. Warning only treats that do not crumble will be allowed.

You must be very careful not to drop any treats on course.


Please send email if you plan on attending, so we can prepare a running list by height before that day.

We will need to know - Dog's Name, breed, handlers Name, jump height and if planning on all runs or just a few.




In case of warm weather and sun it is advisable to bring pop ups or some shade cover if you have it.





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