Canine Team Training

Located in Southern Illinois  -

Dog Agility, Nose Work & Obedience Training

Instructor - Carol Ely

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List of What to Bring to Class:

Payment for COM Fee or Private Sessions (Not payment for college fees or tuition) - You can pay first night of class cash or check if paying by check make check out to Carol Ely or you can pay online


If paying by PayPal by going to the secure site of www.PayPal send money to (payment must be received before class) Note: Payment will need to be $1.00 more then the amount since Paypal charges me a fee to accept the payment. (i.e. $25.00 has a $1.03 paypal fee)


Medical records showing your dog is up to date on Rabies, Parvo and Distemper


Waiver form signed or come early to class to sign copy instructor will have available.


Layered Clothing for change in weather.


Good gym/running type shoes that allow fast movements. No sandals or open toe shoes allowed.


Water and bowl for your dog


Dog must have a collar that is either a flat or snap type collar (no choke or pinch collars allowed) and no tags or other hanging items on collar. You might want to have 2 collars one with tags that you remove and one you use for agility. Leash 4 to 6 foot length. No flexi leashes.


Potty bags for clean up


Paper & pencil if you wish to make notes to remember extra assignments for the week.


Dog Treats - they should be very small (one bite size) and it would be best to have a variety (2-3 different kinds of treats)


Treat bag - that you can fit in your pocket so you can keep the treats handy or a treat pouch that can hang from your belt (sold at Petco or other pet supply sources).


Toys - Tug toy (if they will tug), ball or other toy. Prefer not to have a squeaker type so other dogs do not get distracted, if more than one dog is working at a time.


Any questions please feel free to email or call.


Home / Obedience / Agility / Scent-NoseWork Info / Student_Info / Seminar/Demos / Resources / Videos & Links / My Dogs / Recipes / About

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