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Instructor - Carol Ely

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Carol's Training Videos

The below videos are linked to YouTube

Fun "Dog Soccer" video is just an introduction to the fun your dog may have when learning to do "Dog Soccer" -

 Intro to Dog Soccer

Abby with Soccer shirt on playing soccer

Weave Pole Drive and Distance wrap of the first pole

Annie's first 6 weave poles

Targets & Rewards for Obstacle Performance

Contact Training with 2 on 2 off
Tire Jump Training Help & Safety Cookie Learning the Wobble Board
Agility Chute Training & Safety Beg. Teeter Training - 1st time for Cookie
  Foster dog Cookie learning Target training and Teeter
  Foster Dog Cookie - Jump Wrap



Additional Links -  Crab Orchard Kennel Club


Home / Obedience / Agility / NoseWork Info / Student_Info / Seminar/Demos / Resources / Videos & Links / My Dogs / Recipes


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