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Annie Oakley

Breed: Border Collie   Variety: Smooth    Color: Black & White  

AKC# PAL257502

Born 10-16-2010 (Approx.)    Adopted: 06-11-2012       Shoulder Height - 19.5" Jump Height 20"

AKC Titles: CGC, MX, MXJ, MF, Achiever Dog

AKC Scent Work Titles: SWM, SWME, SHDM

Note: Annie is the 7th dog and 1st Border Collie to achieve the Scent Work Master title.

Annie is the 1st Dog to achieve the Scent Work Master Elite title.

AKC Trick Dog Titles: TCN, TDI, TKA


NACSW (Nose Work) - NW1, NW2, NW3 Elite, All 4 NW3 Elements


Barn Hunt: RATS, CZ8B


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Annie - catching the ball with feet

Annie then transfers the ball to her mouth







Annie New title in Standard Novice Feb. 2013

Photo by Kevin DeVine Photography


















7/2014  Agility 1st Place and Open Title in Jumpers with Weaves









Agility  7/2014 1st Place, Time 2 Beat    1st Place and Open Title in Standard













Nose Work NW2 title 6/27/15











Annie NW1 Title (Nose Work) 4-18-2015  

Nose Work Exterior Search


        Found the hidden odor!

09-03-2016  NW3 Title, All 4 NW3 Elements,

3rd Place Exteriors, 2nd Place Overall.


1st AKC Scent Work Trial 11/4 & 11/5/ 2017


 AKC SW 11/11/2017




AKC SW 11-12-2017    

She does a play bow for any alert low enough.

USDAA Agility Trial Feb. 2017    Agility Ribbons 2017


Trick Dog Novice                          AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title

                                                                    & Intermediate Aug 22, 2017 




Agility Ribbons 2017   AKC Scent Work, Sept 8 & 9  2018

                                Interior Excellent - 2 Second Pl, 3rd Pl and Title

                                Exterior Masters - 3rd, 4th and 1st PL and Title

                                  Container Masters - 1st Pl

AKC Scent Work Michiana - Nov 10 & 11 2018

Excellent level Element Title, Buried Excellent Title,

Containers Master Title, 1 leg Interiors Master,

1 leg Buried Masters, 2 Legs Handler Discrimination,

3 legs in Master Containers

It is official, AKC has verified that Annie Oakley

is the 7th dog in the country, and the 1st Border Collie

to get the SWM (Scent Work Master) title

in AKC Scent Work.  This was achieved at the No-Z K9

Scent Work Club of Northwest Indiana trial in

Plainfield IL. on 5-5-2019.

June 6, 2019 Many more legs towards all of the Masters Elite Elements.

On June 9, 2019 Annie got her first Q in Detective.

June 16, 2019 Elite Exteriors Master title

and more Q's in other elements.

July 6, 2019 Annie got her Handlers Discrimination Master Title.

Her Containers Master Elite and Q's towards other areas.

On August 10, 2019

Annie Oakley was the

  1st Dog & Border Collie

to achieve the

AKC “Scent Work Master Elite” Title

This title requires 10 Q’s (Qualifying Searches) in

Masters -Container, Interior, Exterior and Buried.

This was achieved in 1 year & 9 months.

Team handler Carol Ely, instructor and trainer, at Canine Team Training in DeSoto, IL..


Barn Hunt Nov 8-10 2019 Yorkville, IL - Crazy 8's Bronze Title, Open Title with two 1st places, a Senior Q and 2nd place and two High in Trial Ribbons.

Annie Oakley

NW3 Elite


Link to video of Annie's 3rd NW3 National Association Canine Scent Work - Elite title



You Tube Videos

Annie's First course run at 19 days of training! Annie has learned the 6 pole weave by 64 days of training!
Annie at Trial for Training @ 10 1/2 wks of Training - Blitzen Aug 2012 Annie at Trial for Training @ 10 1/2 wks of Training - Blitzen  2nd & 3rd day Aug 2012
Annie's update at 4 months of Training Annie at Paducah Kennel Club Show_Oct25_2012
Video of Annie's Open Std Title Run Video of Annie's Open JWW Title Run
Annie Evansville IN 10-30-2915 Annie Evansville, IN 10-31-2015
2nd Pl Indiana - 10/5/2018  


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