Canine Team Training

Located in Southern Illinois  -

Dog Agility, Nose Work & Obedience Training

Instructor - Carol Ely

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Nose Work Photos of My Dogs -

Annie Searching a very large Cigarette Racing Boat

Abby Searching a Cigarette Racing Boat

Abby working Vehicles at a Nose Work Trial Level 2

Photo by- Karen A. Hollis, Sirius Pet Images

Magic in a container search with a correct Alert.

Photo by Mark Pastor


Annie searching with her rubber foot protectors on. This will keep her from scratching any vehicles, since she likes to jump up to check them out better.


photo by

Mark Pastor


NW1 Title 7/27/2013



                             Abby - NW2 Title March 29th 2014

NW2  8/10/2014


Magic - NW1 Title & Harry Award 3/30/2014












Annie - NW1  4/18/2015

NW2  6/27/2015


     6/27/2015                                 7/25/2015

     NW3 Element -                 NW3 Element - Container

     Exterior & Vehicle           1st Place in Exterior Search


Annie's NW2 Title Ribbon given at Trial


Holiday Element Games December 2013