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Dog Agility, Nose Work & Obedience Training

Instructor - Carol Ely

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Carol's Training Video Page


Good Example Video of a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test by Smarty Pup on YouTube


Teach Your Dog to Be Home Alone by Roger Abrantes


Annie Adopted and only 19 days of agility training! 2012 Annie contact trained in 2 months 2012
Annie Weave Poles 2 months of training 2012 Distance Training Example 2016
Proofing Verbal Commands 2018 Teaching Straight line to Tunnel 2017


Please help out our local Animal Shelter -

If you might be looking for a furry friend to adopt please use - - John A Logan College - located in Carterville - Local and Only Dog Club in Southern IL. - Another Site I have that has lots of information on dogs, training, shelters and medical references. - American Kennel Club (my nature photos)


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Home / Obedience / Agility / Scent-NoseWork Info / Student_Info / Seminar/Demos / Resources / Videos & Links / My Dogs / Recipes / About / Rescued Dogs

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