Gypsy,  (AKC) R-N-B's Our Gypsy Loves To Dance

Breed: Poodle    Variety: Standard    Color: Silver   AKC#PR09184703

Born 11-7-2006     Adopted on 4-21-09        Shoulder Height - 23.75" Jump Height 24"

Titles: AKC -CGC, CD, NJ, OAJ, NA

Qualified for her 1st leg towards her AKC Obedience CD title after only 3 months of training.

Note: she was training for both obedience and agility at the same time for the 3 months and having fun doing it.


Gypsy is now at the Rainbow Bridge -

she passed away on April 5th, 2014


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Rodney and Bryan of Marion, IL gave me Gypsy at the end of April 2009. They told me they did one obedience class with her when she was a puppy and after that she mostly chased tennis balls. I could tell she was loved and very well cared for. When I agreed to take Gypsy I had no idea how quickly she would catch on to all of the training that I wanted to introduce her to. I started with letting her learn that I wanted her to actually think things through. Boy, that was fun, you could just see when the light blub went off in her head when she realized that I actually wanted her to think and problem solve, instead of only being told what not to do!

Gypsy May 2009

  Gypsy Jumping 24" June 2009

Sept. 2011 - Gypsy got her Open JWW title the last weekend in August. Then the next weekend her 1st leg in Ex A JWW. That same weekend she got her 1st leg in Open Standard.

Gypsy with Abby (toy poodle)

Above Photo by Scott Persky of Photos by Toto

Videos of Gypsy Learning Agility Training -

Gypsy at 2 Months of Training

 Video 1 (Tunnels)

Video 2 (Teeter)

Video 3 (3 Jumps)


Gypsy at 3 Months of Training

Video 1 (half of course),

Video 2 (Course with Serpentine)


Gypsy at 4 Months of Training

 20 Weave Poles !



YouTube Link-

of Gypsy doing a full course in our front yard. This was taken on June 22, 2010. She is still a novice dog but is handling distance and layering of obstacles really nice.


Practice showing Abby 8" dog & Gypsy 24"





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