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MACH    Abby,  (AKC) Abby May Spiderkiller

Breed: Poodle    Variety: Toy    Color: Silver   AKC#PR01993301

At the Rainbow Bridge 01-23-2003 to 01-02-2019   Shoulder Height - 8.75" Jump Height 8"




Also a Certified Delta Therapy Dog

National Assoc. of Canine Nose Work - NW1 & NW2, NW3 Elements Titles - Exterior, Vehicle, Container

Above Photos by

Scott Persky of Photos by Toto


Magique & Abby

Gypsy & Abby




Photo taken by - Kevin DeVine Photography

Carol & Abby doing AKC Obedience

Carol & Abby doing AKC Rally

Carol & Abby at McCormick Agility Show

in Chicago, IL.

At the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois Agility Trial Abby received 4 first places, 2 double Q's and 100 MACH pts in one 2 day weekend Oct. 9 & 10, 2010. This was an outside trial in 87 degree heat and full sun.

We did a double show weekend end of August beginning of September 2011. She did pretty good.

April 12, 2013- MACH & First place in Fast Class

Paducah, KY Trial August 2013

Abby with her Certificate -

NW1 Title in Nose Work. July 27, 2013

Abby doing Nose Work Practice at the 2013 Nose Work Summit in Ingleside, IL


Abby working Vehicles at a

Nose Work Trial for NW2

Photo by- Karen A. Hollis, Sirius Pet Images

Abby's NW2 Title - March 29, 2014

She was great and we flowed like a team all day! It was a great experience I will never forget. I spent time with her before each search. She got Pronounced on 3 out of 4. In the vehicle search the judge came over and said " I wish we had more police dogs work like that". That made me feel really good that the little toy poodle I was holding in my arms could be compared to a police dog. The next day when I trialed with Magique one judge said "aren't you the one with that little gray dog?" I said "Yes" and he said "that was my favorite".

2nd Place in Agility JWW Masters

Abby Nose Work NW3 Element Titles -

Exterior & Vehicle 6/27/15

Abby with Nose Work Ribbons - 1st place in the Exterior Search and Element Containers NW3 Title.

July 2015

NW3 Trial

NW3 Trial




Tribute to Abby-

Photos over the years posing for pictures, playing with animals and dog friends.

Agility Movies

Boone County Agility Show 2004 (large file)

Wisconsin Agility Show 2005 (large file)

STD Agility In Georgia 2007

Outside In the Rain Agility 2007

Fox Valley Agility Show 2008

(large file)

TDAA - Standard 2008 (large file)

Abby Doing 20 Weaves 2009

Smack Dab's Trial March 2010

(YouTube Video)

Abby & Gypsy Doing Std Ex Course in Yard (YouTube Video)

Abby JWW 10-28-2010 PKC Agility Trial

Abby Std 10-29-2010 PKC Agility Trial

Abby JWW Nov2010 Agility Ability

New Years Weekend (Jan 1 & 2 2011)

YouTube Video

Link of my Granddaughter Savanna running Abby on half an ExB course

Savanna & Abby June 13, 2011

Blitzen Aug 2012
Illiana Sept 2012 & Double Q    
Abby's MACH Run    

Misc. Photos and Videos

Abby Playing Soccer in a Soccer Shirt

Abby Doing Weave Poles in her "Hoppy Style"

Abby at the 2009 TDAA (Teacup Dogs Agility Assoc.) Nationals in Racine, Wisconsin

Abby Made it to the finals and placed 9th in the final game. She missed the A Frame and took the tunnel instead so we lost the points. It was still a great experience and we were happy to participate.


Abby also won the distance challenge of running 72 ft 2" from where I stood to take a jump out across an open field.

Videos were taken by 3 Pines Productions.

Photos were taken by Patricia Floyd (I did edit them for web use)

Qualifying Finals
Standard 1 Saturday Jumpers Quidditch (Semi finals)
Dare to Double Standard 2 Sunday Who Dares to Win (finals)
Nested Gamblers Weakest Link  
Abby is shown with her green & yellow ribbon for the distance challenge (of running 72 ft 2" from handler to Jump), a medallion for achieving her 1st TACh (Teacup Agile Dog Champion), and Saturday's qualifying ribbons.
Abby won the distance challenge jump at a distance of 72 ft 2" from handler (me).

We are in the middle of the back row.

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