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Bomber- Norwood's Ewe Blow Me Away

Started working with Bomber on Oct. 20, 2018

Breed: Border Collie   Variety:    Color: Black /White Brown Points  

AKC# DN46500007

Born July 4, 2016  

Previous Owner & Breeder Joyce Norris - Sold to Carol Ely 12-1-2018  

Shoulder Height - Approx 20"

Herding Titles: He has some I have to look them up

AKC Agility Titles: OAJ, OA

AKC Scent Work Titles: SIM, SEM, SCE, SBME, SHDE, SWME


Barn Hunt: RATS, CZ8B


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Bomber & Annie

Bomber playing with toy

Bomber in the back, Annie up front

Bomber and Abby

Bomber viewing ducks. Later he did herd them from one side to the other.

Barn Hunt Dec. 1, 2018

5-5-2019 Scent Work Novice title

6-9-2019 Advanced Scent Work Title

Lots of Q's in Excellent Level Scent Work. Titled in Containers and Exterior

Lots of Q's in Scent Work. Container & Exterior Master Title.

Scent Work Master Title! 10-13-2019

Barn Hunt Nov 8-10 2019 Yorkville, IL - Crazy 8's Bronze Title and 2 Senior Legs. High in Trial and two 1st places

Bomber Passed all his odors for NW ORT.

NACSW NW1 July 12, 2020

NACSW NW2 Nov 1, 2020 3rd pl Overall, Containers & Interiors

Bomber Successfully Q'd the 2 times needed in Master Buried today Saturday 11/14, to get his full SWME (Scent Work Master Elite) title! Very proud of him. We were at For Your K9 in Elmhurst, IL. I now have two dogs with that title (Annie Oakley is the other, she was the first dog in AKC Scent Work to get the title).








Play Time


Weave Training Nose/Scent Work Barn Hunt Herding Jump Commitment Online Class

Bomber 1st day

Nov 3, 2018 Test & Train Test & Train Weaves 11-6 Combined  training sessions


Open Leg 2


  First Commitment Training
Bomber and Annie 2 1/2 weeks later Nov 4, 2019 Test & Train 16 weaves 2 11-22-2018 Week 5 of Nose/Scent Work Training 11-21-2018


Open Leg 3 & Title


  Annie Showing how it is done.
  Training 1 Weave entry training & Distance test 2018-11-26 Scent Work Training, Late Afternoon


Crazy 8's 5 Rats


  Training 2

Bomber Training Jumps and Weaves


First Time with Harness and Long line      
  Test & Train 11-6-2018   2018-11-27 Different containers      
  Training 11-7-2018          
  Bomber 180s and Tighten Wraps          
  11-22-2018 wrap training2          
  Full New Course 11-24-18          
  Box Jumping & Weaves          

Box Jumping



Trial Photos and Videos

Bombers first Q in Novice Standard Bombers first Q in Novice JWW  


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